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The Second Benefit Dinner: Winterthur
2011/12/18 12:28:31 (3827 reads)

Benefit in Winterthur: smaller but elegant
On December 12th we held the second benefit dinner in Switzerland to kick off the new website and DVD of the music school in Haiti. It was held in the luxurious Green Room of the Kongress/Kirchgemeindehaus in Winterthur. Over 120 music instruments were collected from this large city and repaired and packaged for shipment by Musik Spiri. Franziska Kronig in Bassersdorf and Musik Jecklin in Zürich also collected instruments from this area.
Tanja Tremp of Musik Spiri was able to motivate some talented friends to join us, and so the evening began with the energetic renditions of the Blue Cross Brass Band who volunteered their time to provide us with a musical touch for this event. 

With the busy holiday season, only 22 people could attend the dinner, but we were thrilled to have several local Haitians amongst the guests! Many good contacts were made and we had a very enjoyable evening.
Claudia Reiser did a wonderful job of manning the bazaar table. Thank you, Claudia!!! She also played the role of cashier to verify that we collected 999 Francs in total at the Winterthur benefit; 52 Francs for the teachers’ fund and 227 for the building fund, with an additional 720 Francs earned from the bazaar and dinner. 

After the video about her visit to Haiti, Tanya explained the new goals of the project:  the building fund and the teachers’ fund.
A small gift was given to Markus Müller, who edited the video and created a trailer for the website. Markus spent over 60 hours of hard work on this project, including many long hours recording the voice-over with Tanya. Thanks also to his wife Sandra for her patience and the sandwiches.
Then Tanya presented Werner Spiri and his assistant Tanja Tremp with artistic gifts from Haiti as a small thank you for their support. Tanja, who works at Musik Spiri, organized the collection of the 120 donated instruments and Werner Spiri contributed over 40 hours of repair work on the instruments. Werner even organized an afternoon of “packing” and all his workers chipped in their time and energy to get the instruments ready for shipment.
Paula Iten from Hand in Hand agreed to take the 487 Francs total (about 500 US dollars) for the teachers’ fund with her on her next visit to Gonaives. Tanya presented Paula with two cornets as a gift for all the help Paula provided during her trip to Haiti. Paula speaks Creole and has spent several decades serving the poor in Haiti. She had requested a few instruments for one of the universities she supports.
So at the end of the 2 benefit dinners, the building fund stands at 549 Francs, the teacher’s fund at 487 Francs, and the remaining 3075 Francs will be used to cover the cost of the website, the video and advertisement and materials for the two events. 
Now that all start-up costs have been covered, future donations can go directly into the projects of the music school. Thank you to all those involved! Including:
Stadtmusik Winterthur:
Drogerei Merz, Schiers: Silvia and Hansjürg Merz
Musik Länzlinger, Zizers: Sepp Ackermann and Urs Länzlinger
Huber Musical Instruments:  Markus Huber and Frau Tobler
Lotus TCM, Bassersdorf: Franziska Kronig
Antistress AG, Rapperswil
and Biomed AG, Dübendorf for the Vitamins for Haiti.
and Jakob Jecker von Schwyzerörgeli und Akkordeon, Schiers, Musik Kolleger, Davos, Musik Produktiv, Niederlenz, Musikschule Chur, Musikgesellschft Sedrun, Musikgesellschaft Wiesen, Musikgesellschaft ASP, Fastnachtverein Schiers, Kloster Ingebohl, Brunnen, and all the other supporters...
and David Knecht from PebWeb, for this wonderful website!
Tanya Schmid  December 15, 2011

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