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The loss of Nick Contorno
2014/2/7 12:42:02 (2028 reads)

The “Way of the Tao”, as described by one of China’s ancient scriptures The Tao Te Ching, refers to the never-ending balancing act of the universe.  “With great loss comes great gain” was a quote I often heard from my Asian Tai Chi instructors.  So too, I send out this message of great loss combined with great gain.  Our musical hero, Nick Contorno, has passed to another world.  In addition to a loving family and countless friends, he leaves behind a music school named after him in Haiti. These past few days I have received numerous emails describing Nick as both talented and kind, an amazing man who touched the hearts and souls of so many with his music.  To quote a friend, “Musical Haiti has lost a real champion and the world has lost a stellar human being.”  Nick will be sorely missed, but his memory will live on.  Following this news of great loss, came the announcement that our 5th container of music instruments for Haiti (now over 1200 instruments total) has finally reached the hands of the Haitian children.  With great loss, comes great gain.  If it wasn’t for Nick Contorno, who showed me the value of music, I would never have made the effort to pass the joy of music on to those in need in Haiti.  He was more than a great inspiration for Musical Haiti, he put in hours of hard work and made generous personal donations. I’m sure he’s already got a band started upstairs.  Tanya

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Instruments now safely
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