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Swiss Instrument-Drive a Success!
2013/10/24 12:45:48 (2576 reads)

The 2013 instrument-drive in Switzerland was a huge success! We collected 438 music instruments (over 280 were large instruments) which means we more than met our goal!!! Sorry this article is being posted so late, but Tanya was exhausted after the shipping in September and needed some time away from the project. Here’s a brief summary of what happened:

In late spring, Tanya sent out over 200 emails to music clubs, music schools, and all her connections in Switzerland, asking for a last round of instruments. The instruments started pouring in and Peter Ambass, Hanjakob and Tanya were kept busy coordinating the pick-ups, repairs and storage of the many instruments.

This is the first (and probably the last) container that Tanya coordinated herself. Thanks to the help of Paula Iten from Hand in Hand and the cooperation of Sabine Maurer from College Suisse and Cornelia Schippert from Lemuel Suisse, the 66m3 shipping container became a reality.  These 4 organizations financed the huge metal container, with Musical-Haiti shouldering more than half of the costs and Tanya handling the very complicated paperwork.

It was a HUGE job packing and storing the 438 instruments and additional electronic equipment, uniforms, and other gifts for Haiti that served as packaging material until the container arrived on August 31st. When the container finally made it to Zürich to pick up the books from College Suisse and we got it to Schiers and filled it, we were exhausted by the time it was picked up on September 2nd and transported to the coast for transport by ship. After an initial mistake, the paperwork finally was approved mid-September and the container safely reached Haiti on October 11th, 2013. Unfortunately, at the time of this article, the dock-workers were on strike, so the container is still sitting in customs (October24th). We will be sure to post another news article when we know more!

Meanwhile, we would like to sincerely thank the 56 people and organizations who answered our call for instruments here in Switzerland (and even some people Germany and Austria responded!). We posted our initial photographs of “Swiss Helpers” on the website, but the latter half of the photographs of donors were lost due to a technical error (new Windows 8 problems)…another reason this article was delayed. We apologize if your picture is not posted!

Please see the two lists of instruments (PDFs also under “Projects”) below. One group of instruments will be picked up by EMNCG, which is the school in Gonaives which we financially support. The other group of instruments will be picked up by the national organization of music schools (ANADEMH). I recently received an excel list of how some of the instruments will be distributed (see link below).  Many instruments are not listed, but will probably be distributed more spontaneously, perhaps to some of the smaller schools.

5th container:  ANADEMH 2013

5th container:  EMNCG 2013

EXCEL: distribution of some ANADEMH instruments

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Instruments now safely
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