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EMNCG is in session!
2012/11/7 12:44:01 (3053 reads)

EMNCG is in session!  I just received the first pictures of the four new music theory classes that began on Friday, November 2nd.  They were supposed to begin on October 26th (in order to be an official school according to Haitian national law, a school must begin classes in October), but hurricane Sandy delayed things (a total of 54 souls were lost when that storm hit Haiti).  I am so glad they are now pushing forward despite the flooding...

These are taken in the classrooms at La Sainte Famille.  It appears they have divided the children into 4 groups according to age. 
I am so happy to see so many girls participating!  
I recognize Frederic as the teacher in one class (left), but I don't know the teacher in the light blue shirt yet. (Fabius!)
I am thrilled to see that the children all have pens and notebooks!  And look at all those eager faces. 

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