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Gonaives survived hurricane Sandy
2012/10/30 16:55:51 (2699 reads)

Leonard just contacted me to tell me that all "our kids" survived hurricane Sandy, but that it pretty much put everything on hold in Haiti.  They had planned on beginning music school classes (4 a week) on October 26th, but now they won't be able to begin until this coming Friday (Nov. 2nd). 
Haiti only felt the "arms" of the hurricane, not the extreme center of the storm (which hit Cuba), but even still, nine Haitian children drowned in the flooding and landslides.  A further 3 are missing.  Of course, buildings and crops have been damaged from the high winds and heavy flooding.  Unlike the people of New York and other US states, Haitians don't have insurance.
So now they are picking up the pieces, shoveling the mud and muck from their hallways, starting over...once again.  And they wished all the Americans well that will be facing the storm!  We hope all your loved ones are safe.

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