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4th Container Left for Haiti September 10th
2012/10/14 18:57:50 (3045 reads)

Following Leonard & Frederic's visit to Switzerland, Tanya received many donations from the local Swiss people in the form of summer clothing, sheets & bedding, and school supplies and toys for the children of La Sainte Famille. Seeing as these things are also desperately needed in Gonaives, she packed up 111 boxes of these materials and purchased one third of the next container heading to Haiti...

Because the boxes only contained a few music instruments, Tanya and Hansjakob Schmid decided to cover the transportation costs (4000 Swiss Francs, almost the same as dollars) out of their own pocket. Paula Iten was transporting EM (efficient micro-organisms) used to clean up the rank water supplies in the cities of Haiti and Hansjürg Hess was sending over wood for 3 houses. Working together the three NGO's filled an 87m3 shipping container which left on September 10th, 2012, for Gonaives (via Port au Prince).
The container should arrive in Haiti around mid-November and Pere Gerard has agreed to hold many of the boxes until Tanya & Hansjakob's arrival mid-December. Those items clearly marked for La Sainte Famille, Paula Iten or EMNCG will be put directly into use.
Supplies sent over for EMNCG included  furniture and shelving for the future music center building, sheet music, clothing hangers, marching uniforms, instrument repair tools, 7 violins, 3 electrical guitars, one accordion, one base drum, and one zither. Additional musical instruments were sent over for Paula Iten’s work in northern Haiti because Hand in Hand has paid for previous container transportation for EMNCG.
Tanya and Hansjakob will spend 10 weeks in Haiti, from mid-December to the end of February 2013, in an effort to better assess the needs of the local people of Trou Sables, the poorest section of Gonaives. In addition to furthering the music school project, Hansjakob hopes to also help with permaculture at the 2 mandalas that already exist in Gonaives and Tanya hopes to set up a moxabustion project already being tested in Africa (see www.moxafrica.org) using chinese medicine to strengthen the immune system and improve the health of the thousands of Haitians suffering from Tuberculosis and Cholera.
Musical Haiti would like to thank Walter Mullis of STB in Berchis, Switzerland for providing the inland transportation.

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