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3rd Container with Instruments arrives at La Sainte Famille!
2012/10/14 11:10:40 (2586 reads)

The 330 instruments which finally arrived in Gonaives the end of June 2012 had been packed in October of 2011. Our organisation "Musical Haiti" had not yet been formed and lack of funding for transportation combined with one of the heaviest snows in Switzerland's history led to shipping delays. When the container finally arrived in Haiti in April of 2012, the new government of Haiti posed further challenges. Thanks to the endeavors of Pere Gerard, Paula Iten of Hand in Hand and Hansjürg Hess of 3HF, the container finally safely arrived at the school. (click below to see more photos)

Frederic and Leonard had just arrived home from their visit to Switzerland when they received news that the long-awaited 3rd container had finally arrived at La Sainte Famille. They contacted the executive board of EMNCG and everyone chipped in to help with the unpacking. Here Weekenson, Leonard and Anthoibert of the executive committee are standing in the church at La Sainte Famille as they unpack a tuba donated by a music group in Wiesen, Switzerland.

The very first piano arrived safely! I will never forget when Leonard and Frederic attended a high school choir practice during their visit to Switzerland and wondered where the plug for the piano was. They have only known electrical keyboards until now.

Another first is this electrical organ donated by Vera Pfister in Bassersdorf, Switzerland. It will probably be used in the church at La Sainte Famille.

It was a lot of work to unload the 140 heavy boxes in 90 degree heat with high humidity.

But spirits were high with such generous gifts from their Swiss friends!


Marie-Florence of the executive committee is responsible for uniforms. Here she and a friend unpack the 30 blue uniforms donated by the Swiss music group in Wiesen.

And she will be able to alter the uniforms as needed, thanks to Lina Christen of Küblis, Switzerland who donated a sewing machine.

Our third container of 330 instruments (see detailed list under "Projects") was the largest shipment yet. Hundreds of individuals and 6 music stores donated and repaired instruments (see our list of sponsors and links). Thanks again to everyone who made this possible!

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Instruments now safely
in Haiti
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