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New Storage Container for Instruments in Haiti!
2012/10/14 10:34:31 (2462 reads)

With the expected arrival of an additional 300+ instruments in the summer of 2012, concerns arose about where to safely store these cherished instruments. In a country where housing is scarce and people sleep with 3 to 9 people per room, it is unfitting to take space away for such storage.  And yet, after the floods of 2004 and 2008 when the water rose 6 ft. high and left behind mud and muck, we wanted to be sure that such valueable material was well-protected.

Father Gerard came up with the answer! 
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The shipping containers which are used to transport materials (such as medical supplies and our music instruments) to Gonaives end up staying at their end-destination. The roads are too rough, gas is too expensive, and transportation costs back to the docks in Port-au-Prince are too high for it to make sense to return the container to the harbor. So the containers are purchased and remain in Gonaives where they are put to use otherwise.  Why not use one to store the instruments? 

Here is the result! This freshly painted storage container on the sheltered school grounds of La Sainte Famille shows the great effort of the local people to support the music school project. They built it up on cement blocks to keep the instruments high above potential flooding. Thank you, Father Gerard, for funding the entire storage container project!

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Instruments now safely
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