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June 1-14, 2012: Frederic & Leonard visit Switzerland
2012/7/29 17:11:05 (4082 reads)

It was a wonderful visit! Very busy, and full of new impressions, not only for the Director of EMNCG, Leonard Celifils and the Head Conductor of EMNCG, Frederic Isma, but also for Tanya and her husband Hansjakob. We learned a lot about each others' culture and even more about music. Thanks to Edelweiss Air for the flight tickets!

The following is just a brief summary of the intense program Tanya led her two guests through during their two-week stay at her home in Switzerland. For more information, see the three newspaper articles under "Media" (in German) and the rest of the photographs of their visit (comments in English) under "Photos" (look for the album at the bottom labelled "Frederic & Leonard visit Switzerland")...or read a bit more below...

Day 1: 

After we picked them up at the airport, a tour through Zürich with Claudia Reiser took us to Musik Jecklin.

Lunch with Sabine Maurer,
who's husband is Haitian.



Many gifts for Haiti from Margrit Roffler and Rosi at Brocki Mels.




Day 2:

After Qigong with Tanya's exercise class and a visit to the local high school's sporting event, we hiked past several waterfalls.


A visit to Bad Ragaz where local musicians play along the streets,


where we met up with Tanya's assistant, violin specialist, Peter Ambass.


Finally, we attended a concert with Marie Louise Werth and the Mountain Swing Band.

Day 3:

A rainy day Sunday spent at the local swimming pool.


Day 4:

Accordion lessons in playing and repair from Köbi Jecker, Schiers.


Thank you visit to Roland and Ursina Jost, our guitar specialists from Music Rent, who donate a new electrical guitar.


After watching Tanya perform acupuncture at her clinic, a visit to Manuela to pick up toys for Haiti.





 Day 5:

Training in how to repair flutes, clarinettes and saxophones with Sepp Ackermann at Musik Länzlinger, Zizers. Radio Grischa and Television Südostschweiz came to do interviews with Leonard and Frederic about EMNCG and Musical-Haiti. 

Learning about various percussion instruments with Martin Stenitzer.



Dai Kimoto and the Swing Kids set the example for how to organize and direct a young band.  Frederic joins in with his saxophone. 







Day 6:

High School choir class with Harri Bläsi in Sargans: Leonard gives the kids a drum lesson.


Thank you visit to Werner and Marian at Musik Spiri, Winterthur, who collected 120 instruments for Haiti last year.



Day 7:

The first Alpine climb and the first time to touch snow!





Playing with the Winterthur orchestra.






Day 8:

A day of work with Hansjakob and a thank you to his boss, Walter Mullis, of STB who loans us all the needed transport vehicles.





Day 9:

More uniforms for Haiti from Susi Burgi and the Musikgruppe Herrbrugg.




Visiting Appenzell near where Hansjakob grew up.


                  Riding horses at a friend's nearby.





 A concert with Dai Kimoto's Swing Kids in Uttwil on Lake Constance.




Day 10:

A day in Lucern with Swiss friends, Roman & Fernande, from Haiti.





A private session with Marc Andreae, a famous Swiss conductor, observing rehearsal for the night's concert.  Then we attended his concert of Beethoven's 5th Symphony in the luxurious Lucern Kongresshaus.

 Day 11:

Learning to repair and play violins with Christopher & Bodi Lüthi, Sevelen.




After lunch at Chateau Sargans, a visit to Blue Wonder with thanks for donated instruments and a tour of their small music school.

A trip to St. Gallen with Jan Flendrie to see new-age instruments and play a very old church organ with Christoph of the Heiligegeist church.









Day 12:

A tour of Willson Instruments in Flums. Willi Kurath shows how brass instruments are made.


Watching Tanya's Zen Archery class.


Day 13:

A class with Esther Bläsi in how to teach small children rhythm, also useful for trauma recovery.


After a meeting with Cornelia Diethelm about her music project in the Dominican Republic, we had a small farewell party.

Day 14:

Thank you visit to the Anti-Stress AG who donated numerous boxes of vitamins for the kids with Cholera in Haiti.

Sad good-byes to Claudia and Paula at the airport! 


The time went by so fast...no wonder!




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