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April 2012: 3rd Container Leaves for Haiti!
2012/7/28 15:03:13 (2485 reads)

In October of 2011, Tanya packed over 200 remaining instruments to be sent in the third container for Gonaives, but there wasn't enough money for their transportation to Haiti. Support for Haiti has died down as the 2010 Earthquake fades from our memories, but the people there are still in great need.

We continued to collect and pack instruments and by December there were 300 sitting in Glarus at the Hansjürg Hess 3HF storage facility... 

As we managed to scrape the money for the container together, massive snows hit Switzerland. It wasn't until the end of April that the container finally got underway. The container arrived in Port-au-Prince about a month later and we have confirmed that the instruments made it through customs, were successfully transported to Gonaives and are currently in a newly-installed storage facility near the school called La Sainte Famille. 

These photographs were taken in Glarus, Switzerland at the Hansjürg Hess 3HF storage facility.  Hansjürg himself spent 2 days packing the container with us!

We are waiting for photographs showing the new storage container and the unpacking of the instruments. The Haitian staff of EMNCG is on summer vacation, so it is slow going.



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Instruments now safely
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