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Meeting with B.L.U.M.E. members in Appleton
2012/5/2 17:45:39 (2861 reads)

Another exciting opportunity arose from Tanya's visit home last March. Jennifer Maney and Nick and Lucille Contorno accompanied her on a trip to Appleton where they met up with two members of B.L.U.M.E. (Building Leadership Using Music Education), an organisation still in the early stages of its formation, whose goal is to help build music schools in Haiti. They had an inspiring and educational lunch with Janet Anthony and Carolyn Armstrong of B.L.U.M.E....

(in the above picture Janet Anthony is pictured in a white shirt and Carolynn is to her left in a black shirt.  They are surrounded by Haitian friends.)

Janet Anthony, Professor of Cello at the Lawrence University Conservatory of Music in Appleton, Wisconsin, has been travelling to Haiti yearly since 1996 to instruct music students at the Holy Trinity School in Port-au-Prince. You can see/read more about her work with various music schools in Haiti here:



Carolyn Armstrong, graduate of Lawrence University, is the co-creator of Bel Son Productions, a non-profit sponsored production company (www.belsonproductions.com). She made a beautiful, heart-renching film called "Kenbe La - Hold On" which follows Haitian leaders who believe in the importance of arts education and outlets for creative expression. Filmed before and after the January 12th, 2010 earthquake, "Kenbe La" chronicles the work of musicians and teachers of the Holy Trinity School in Port-au-Prince and the Dessaix Baptiste Music School in Jacmel. Their experiences illustrate the ways in which music education builds strong character and supportive communities to help combat the intense needs that still exist throughout the country. These stories reveal music's ability to heal and unite even amidst the most challenging experiences.

Musical-Haiti (USA) will be looking for ways to work with B.L.U.M.E. in the future, as Janet's wonderful organisation continues to develop. Part of the funds sent to the EMNCG music intructors goes towards sponsoring trips to these other music schools in Haiti for training.





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