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First Shipment from the USA arrives!
2012/4/9 19:56:05 (2059 reads)

Thanks to Dr. Nick Contorno, 5 suitcases/boxes of sheet music for young bands were donated to EMNCG earlier this year.  The kids in Gonaives were in real need of compositions for an entire band and Dr. C collected many of his own arrangements PLUS he paid for instructional manuals with matching CD's, 2 for each instrument and most were in French! 

After a long search for transportation, Food for the Poor in Florida agreed to send the boxes to Haiti for free!  Jennifer Maney graciously donated 400 dollars to cover the UPS costs from Wisconsin to Florida and the boxes arrived safely in Gonaives in February.  There is basically no postal system in Haiti, and any shipment that is not through a non-profit organisation is at risk.  We are incredibly grateful to Food for the Poor for this huge favor.


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