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Years after the earthquake...
                              we continue to help Haiti! 

Haiti is known as the poorest country in the western hemisphere, a land often hit by devastating hurricanes. Music not only can help traumatized children to speak again, but can bring smiles and laughter.

Here’s how one act of kindness cascaded into a project that is changing the lives of hundreds of children in Haiti...a music school for the poor in Gonaives.

It is not that we do great things in life that matters,
but that we do small things with great love.
Mother Teresa

In 2010 Father Gerard and Sister Vincenzina won the Caritas prize for their work at the school “La Sainte Famille” in Gonaives, a city in central Haiti. During the awards ceremony, Sister Vincenzina requested music instruments for her students. Thanks to many willing donors, Tanya Schmid of Schiers, Switzerland, was able to send hundreds of instruments to the school in Haiti. The newly established music school “Ecole de Musique Nick Contorno des Gonaives” in the area called “Trou Sable” now needs their own building where they can hold regular classes.

Full length video 23 minutes

In March of 2013, President Martelly approved a national music program which is based on a Venezuelan project called “El Sistema”.  Over the past thirty years, the Venezuelan project has grown to 61 student orchestras with over 300,000 participating youngsters…keeping kids off the streets, away from drugs, crime and prostitution. Venezuela is now helping Haiti to create such a program in their own country. Haiti has four music schools in other poor areas of the country as part of a pilot project.  EMNCG, the first music school we helped, needs its own building in Gonaives in order to join Haiti’s version of “El Sistema.”

information from Caritas about Haiti and the school in Gonaïves
(only available in German)


Instruments now safely
in Haiti
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